Stephen Fleming

Woodworking and Whittling for Kids, Teens and Parents

“The emotional effect of woodworking is that it gives kids that sense of accomplishment. Parents see a happy kid beaming with excitement of possibilities.”

Three years back, I asked one child psychologist: What is the best way to make a connection with my 8 and 13-year-olds as they are growing up?

I was worried about excessive exposure to T.V, Mobile Phones and wanted to do some activity together to be much of an enabler and guide.

He said," Why don't you try Woodworking in your backyard? That would serve all your purposes. "

That was one of the best pieces of advice I got off late.

We hit it off and started with whittling, woodworking with just a wooden stick and a pocket knife.

After that, we moved on to woodworking with multiple tools. The kids only used more straightforward tools, and I handled the complicated part.

Safety was of utmost priority, and I always led with example.

This book entails our journey with 31 Whittling and 20 Woodworking projects.

It covers:

Woodworking and Whittling definitions, background, history

Why kids and teenagers should practice it or how they would inculcate various skills while practicing this art which would help them in an extremely dynamic world they would face

Best practices and safety instructions

Tools with details of ways to use them

Processes and Techniques

51 Starter Projects

Tips, Guidelines, and Online Resources

A perfect company for a weekend or holiday! Get this comprehensive 2 in 1 book with Woodworking and Whittling covered for a kid and parent both.
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Stephen Fleming
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