Liz Lochhead

Dreaming Frankenstein

The celebrated Scottish poet brings together nearly 20 years of work in this anthology— “a rare thing: a book of poems which sparkles” (Scotsman, UK).
Liz Lochhead has built an impressive reputation as poet, playwright and performer attracting a large and admiring public. She gained worldwide acclaim as the Scots Makar—or Scotland’s National Poet—from 2011 to 2016, and before that served for six years as Poet Laureate of Glasgow.
Dreaming Frankenstein and Collected Poems stands as a monument to her early work. The title volume combined with four other collections—Memo for Spring (1972), Islands (1978) and Grimm Sisters (1981)—provides a complete record of her poetry from 1967 to 1984.
In Dreaming Frankenstein, human relationships are explored in all their depth and complexity. Attraction, pain, acceptance, loss, triumphs and deceptions all are made immediate through her imagery, acute powers of observation, and flair as a storyteller.
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Дата публікації оригіналу
Birlinn Limited, Polygon



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