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Enda Murphy

Five Steps to Happiness

Life is there to be enjoyed, not endured' In Five Steps to Happiness, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist Enda Murphy guides the reader through the five kinds of thinking and behaviour that lead to panic attacks, anxiety and depression. With a unique and simple style, free from psychobabble, Enda explains the reasons why most of us have these five habits. He clarifies what mental health actually is and investigates why we keep driving the thinking and behaviour that causes our unhappiness. He explains where our emotions come from and challenges our perception of what we think is normal. The five habits are also described in exercises throughout the book which teach the reader how they manifest themselves and how to identify the triggers behind them. With many of his ex clients allowing him to use their stories, Enda is able to demonstrate the development of each habit through a stage-by-stage examination of each client's experience. It is this clear and exact approach that makes Murphy's book so effective at getting to the root of why we experience mental distress. Through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Enda teaches the reader methods whereby those of us who experience mental health difficulties can introduce into our lives, skills to change our destructive thinking and behaviours. While primarily a book for those who are experiencing anxiety and depression, it is also one for those wishing to understand why these conditions occur, those whose families and friends may be suffering and also therapists and health professionals who would like to learn more about how Cognitive Behavioural Therapy works in real life.
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Liberties Press
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