Will Harris


A rising star British poet’s debut collection is “a playful and insightful exploration of contemporary notions of self and society” (The Guardian).
Using long poems, ekphrasis, and ruptured forms, RENDANG is a startling new take on the self, and how an identity is constructed. Drawing on his Anglo-Indonesian heritage, Will Harris shows us new ways to think about the contradictions of identity and cultural memory. He creates companions that speak to us in multiple languages. They deftly ask us to consider how and what we look at, as well as what we don't look at and why. It is intellectual and accessible, moving and experimental, and combines a linguistic innovation with a deep emotional rooting.
“Harris offers an urgent and moving exploration of cultural identity and legacy . . . made all the richer by its unique narrative structure and playful attention to sound.” —Publishers Weekly
“A heartfelt reflection of how it feels to fall between different cultures, languages and places.” ―i-D Magazine
“Brims with soul, acuity and playfulness.” ―Financial Times
“It's the debut of the year.” —Sunday Times
RENDANG is a wonder, and we are lucky to have it.” ―Poetry London
“Will Harris takes British poetry into new waters: RENDANG is an astonishing debut. . . . Many are heart-stopping: the kind of poem that makes you put down the book for a while just to breathe.” ―Sarah Howe, winner of the T.S. Eliot Prize

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Рік виходу видання
Wesleyan University Press
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  • Menna Abu Zahraцитує2 роки тому
    ll always be grateful to Helena Nelson, my first editor, for having faith in my work when I didn’t.
  • Menna Abu Zahraцитує2 роки тому
    Granta for their support – especially to Eleanor Chandler for her owl-eyed suggestions.
  • Menna Abu Zahraцитує2 роки тому
    This book arose out of innumerable conversations and encounters. There are some people named in the poems (some names have been changed), but many others float lovingly in the background. I hope they know who they are and what they mean to me.
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