Valerie Aikman-Smith

Juicy Drinks

Forty recipes for delicious homemade juices and all kinds of juice-based drinks, from breakfast smoothies to cocktails and frozen desserts.
With today’s juicers and blenders, you can make all kinds of delicious drinks with just the flip of a switch. Juice Drinks features health-conscious recipes for fresh-pressed juices, vitamin-packed smoothies, and restorative wheatgrass elixirs. It also includes colorful cocktails like pomegranate cosmos, watermelon mojitos, and cucumber-jalapeno gimlets. Plus you’ll find recipes for icy treats like kiwi frappes, strawberry daiquiris, creamy raspberry ice pops, tangerine sorbet, and much more.
Chapters are organized by color and filled with gorgeous photos for inspiration. Flip to the front of the book for information on the best fruits and vegetables for juicing, from spring cherries to autumn pears. Check out tips and tricks for getting the best performance out of your juice extractor and blender. And find everything you need to know to set up your own juice bar, with recipes for infused simple syrups, and creative ideas for ice cubes and garnishes.
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