Alonzo Williams,Stephanie Foor

Big Data for Beginners

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Big Data is the ocean of information we swim in every day — vast sources of data flowing from our computers, mobile devices, and machine sensors. But just what is it and how is it used for business decisions? Learn the basics and how Big Data is changing the way we do business.
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    Совсем уж для "чайников".

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    Поверхностный, но в целом неплохой обзор с примерами из жизни известных компаний.

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    Target hired data analysts specifically for the understanding of patterns between purchased items through a number of variables that included - the time of day, the location of the store, number and types of items purchased, and consumer demographics.
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    he results of having big data capabilities within a company can be the following; better customer experience, faster decisions, accuracy improvements, measurable progress, analytical processes, improving performance knowledge, planning/forecasting capabilities, data-driven marketing, reducing costs, process improvements, operational efficiencies, improving healthcare and public health, improving sports performance, improving science and research, improving security and law enforcement, as well as financial tradi
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    These are four of the driving factors that have assisted in the understanding of Big Data and what it brings into the business world!

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