Linda Perret

How to Succeed With Your Homeowners Association

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A comprehensive handbook for community living, with information on rights, responsibilities, resolving disputes, and more.
How to Succeed with Your Homeowner’s Association is the all-inclusive handbook to help new homeowners transition into peaceful community living. This comprehensive guide explains the ins and outs of an HOA, from the structure and responsibilities to resolving disputes. Author and veteran HOA recording secretary Linda Perret doesn’t take sides—the association against the homeowner or vice versa—but rather explains how both sides are really working toward the same ultimate goal: a beautiful and enjoyable neighborhood.
This book answers frequently asked questions like:What is an HOA?What are the responsibilities of the homeowner?Who is the board and what do they do? What can I expect from management?How can I handle disputes with the board, management, and neighbors?
Perret draws over twenty years of experience working for and with various property management companies and HOA members in this complete guidebook for new homeowners and HOA members alike.
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Workman Publishing, Familius



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