Jennifer Thomas

College Cougar (Erotica Quickies)

Erotica Quickies series from Best Seller Jennifer Thomas She was the head cheerleader… and now she's the cheerleader's coach at the local college. She's all hot and bothered about Brandon, a 20 year old jock that she's known for a few years. Let the games begin! Excerpt:Suddenly, I couldn't control myself anymore. I was a woman on a mission, and I wanted to go through with this no matter what. I scuffled through my bag and found a bag of cosmetics. Rushing into the shower, I soaped my body, making sure to keep my hair dry. I had had a thorough waxing and pampering session at the salon the day before, so I didn't have to shave – thankfully. I hadn't had sex in over a year, and for once, I wanted to show off my waxed body to a pair of male eyes. Either Brandon would turn me down, or he would go ahead and take the opportunity. I was counting on his testosterone to see the chance for a fuck, and take it. I put on a t-shirt and white skirt after my shower, and put on some makeup. Glancing into the gym, I saw Brandon shooting the ball, jumping up. His shirt rode up his body, showing me a delectable glimpse of his toned, tanned stomach. I inhaled sharply, and my pussy clenched in response to the sight.
21 паперова сторінка
Дата публікації оригіналу
Speedy Publishing LLC, Grab Arse



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