S. Amin Talab

The Master Negotiator

Press reviews In his book “The Master Negotiator” Dr. Talab has incorporated the experience of thousands of negotiators. Based on real-life examples one can promptly apply the read. Die Presse (Daily Newspaper) Living means negotiating. Author Stefan Amin Talab reveals how it´s being done. With this work [he] appeals to executives as well as to housewives and -men. Medianet Concerning the structure the easy and exciting read is in the foreground. However, the reader is also pampered with a profound ToC, graphic depictions and emphasis. Lawyers Gazette Austria (Anwaltsblatt) The Master Negotiator is a book that should be consulted again and again – especially when preparing a negotiation. Absolutely recommended. Mediation aktuell 10 in 1: You will get a practical negotiation guide including the 10 best and most successful strategies in one Master Strategy. What strategy should you choose if you are buying a used car? How should you deal with a shark type negotiator? How is the SMART formula helping you to set optimal negotiation objectives? What should your answer be to a negotiator starting with: I heard your service is really bad, and what would you reply to: This is way too expensive! Which is the best way to counter the low-hanging-fruit tactic? The Master Negotiator will give you answers to all your questions concerning negotiations: – The Negotiation Master summarises and structures clearly, concisely, and coherently the experience, skill and know-how of thousands of negotiators from all over Europe, the Middle East and the United States. – Winning negotiation strategies and negotiation strengths are clearly described helping you to find your way through the negotiation jungle and avoid typical traps when pursuing your interests. – This guidebook gives you tips and ideas for all sorts of negotiations, whether they take place with family members, employers or business partners.
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