Sean Smith

Ed Sheeran

The first comprehensive biography of the Grammy winner, from shy kid with a stammer to worldwide star: “Well-researched, entertaining.”—Publishers Weekly
With hits like “Thinking Out Loud,” and “Shape of You,” Ed Sheeran strikes chords in millions of listeners worldwide—a feat all the more staggering given that he couldn’t even carry a tune until the age of fifteen. Bestselling biographer Sean Smith traces the astonishing journey of the shy little English boy with a stammer who recorded an album in his bedroom and grew up to become a global phenomenon, all the while avoiding flashy showmanship. With compelling new research and interviews, Smith delivers the story of Sheeran’s remarkable parents, who supported their son’s dream long before it seemed achievable; the friends and mentors who encouraged his raw talent; and the lovers who inspired his most famous songs.
Smith describes the setbacks Sheeran faced before his fortunes were transformed by Elton John’s management company, a record deal, and a song that changed everything—with some help from Taylor Swift. Now Sheeran has sold more than 150 million records worldwide and earned $432 million touring in 2018 alone—but still made time to play for just 400 people at a charity night to raise money for the homeless. As this captivating book reveals, there’s no one quite like Ed.
“Sheeran fans will relish this well-told biography.”―Publishers Weekly
“[Ed Sheeran] has a huge, rabid fan base that will love the story told here…A bio as affable as the subject himself…informative and inspiring.”― Booklist
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