Gerard Kelly

Overheard in Dublin #LOL

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A city of half a million, in 140 characters or less
Overheard in Dublin is back with another riot of wit, wisdom and suspect logic, this time with the vast majority of the contributions drawn from the site’s wildly popular Twitter account.
Fans young and old will love this hilarious new collection. Get ready to laugh once again – you'll be LOLing in the aisles!Overheard at the McDonald's drive-thru on Naas Road.
The cashier shouts to his manager: ‘Are we allowed to serve customers on horses?’
A guard is searching a young lad at Oxegen.
Guard: ‘Do ya have anything on ya that ya shouldn't?’
Lad: 'Yes, me da's socks!'
On a Ryanair flight to Stansted.
Girl: ‘Excuse me, flight attendant, can I have a Diet Coke with no ice!?’
Flight attendant: ‘Want a little umbrella in there too, princess?’Join the conversation on Twitter @OverheardinDublin.
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