J.R.,MEd,CRC,Dresden Danielle,Phillip Rumrill,Kimberly McCrone Wickert,MRC

The Sandwich Generation's Guide to Eldercare

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Gold Winner, 2013 Foreword Reviews IndieFab Book of the Year Awards, Family & Relationships Category
A practical, accessible, and comprehensive guide to the legal, financial, emotional and daily living challenges of caring for aging parents while raising your own family.
If you are caring for an elderly loved one while raising a child, you may feel overwhelmed and unprepared. The Sandwich Generationís Guide to Eldercare, written by three experts with extensive professional and personal experience with eldercare, provides the information and resources you need to make important decisions, balance your responsibilities, and ensure your elders well-being as well as your own.
It includes how to:

Create a good eldercare plan and the key financial, healthcare, and legal documents you should have executedChoose the right level of care and ease the transition, including how to avoid the most common mistakes people make in this processFind the best ways to help elderly loved ones maintain their independence and dignityNavigate the maze of government agencies and benefitsInvolve other family members while minimizing tension or conflictPrevent caregiver burnout and deal with the strain on family life, children, and relationshipsWith useful checklists, worksheets, step-by-step action plans, lists of questions to ask, and a robust resources section, you'll have everything you need to care for your family.
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