Fran Bailey

The Healing Power of Plants

From an award–winning horticulturist, a guide to how to use houseplants to promote health and wellness.
Plants don’t only beautify your home —they promote healing too. For example, the luscious scent of lavender aids in a good night’s sleep, while the kentia palm controls humidity levels that increase mold and mildew. This lushly illustrated guide explains the properties of the most beneficial species, from plants that lower stress and provide a breath of fresh air to ones that bring joy, boost brainpower, and help you communicate. It explains how to choose the right plants for your specific needs, where to place them in your home and office, which ones are pet friendly, and how to make sure they thrive—so you will too.
And if you don’t have a green thumb, you’ll find a guide to 10 easygoing plants that are perfect for starting your indoor garden.
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