Carlee Westbrook

Homeschooling Essentials

How to Explode Homeschooling Success and Achievement!

”This book provides a unique insight into homeschooling, its pros and cons and steps that will help you make an informed decision about whether to homeschool your children.” — Pablo

“This is the most complete guide to home schooling that I have come across.” — Rob

Are you trying to decide if Homeschooling your child is right for you?

Choosing to homeschool your child isn’t a decision you want to take lightly. As parents, teaching your child is second nature. You teach them to talk, walk and educate them about what to eat. It is fairly natural to want to be in charge of their formal education as well. I’ll help you navigate the ins and outs of the process before you’re committed so you know exactly what to expect.

Maybe you’re struggling to get organized in your homeschool effort.

It is absolutely crucial to your child’s learning success for you to stay organized. Creating a space that encourages learning and differentiating it from the rest of the home is a great first step. I have devoted an entire chapter to helping you get organized.

Homeschooling Essentials is your one-stop resource for making your homeschool experience a success.

If you are leaning in the direction of homeschooling your child, you will feel confident you have all the facts after reading this book. I have included proven steps and strategies on how to take on the all-important role of your child’s teacher. And I should know, I have homeschooled all 3 of my children with great success!

I have packed in numerous resources for finding materials to make sure this is the only tool you need to give your child everything they require to succeed. Record keeping and standardized testing concerns are fully addressed to help you feel comfortable with your decision to teach your child at home.

You will learn unique and established techniques for making your homeschool experience a rewarding adventure. Effectively sourcing curriculum is covered in chapter 3 so you will be confident with whatever program you choose. I’ve even included chapters covering teaching your child from preschool through high school so you can make the best decisions possible no matter what age your child is.

Here Is A Preview of What’s Inside…

* Choosing the Right Curriculum
* Getting Organized
* Finding Materials
* Homeschooling from Preschool to High School
* Socialization Concerns
* Field Trips: Getting Out of the Classroom
* Standardized Testing — What You Should Know
And much, much more!

Nothing in here is sugar-coated. There are going to be days you struggle a bit, but know you are making the best decision for your child based on your values, opinions, and your research. Overall, this book is intended to help you make an informed decision about homeschooling.

One more thing: The “S” Word… How will your child survive without Socialization?

Whenever the word homeschool is mentioned in certain circles, there is a noticeable gasp as people express their concerns for the poor child who does not get the chance to socialize, learn from his peers, or experience life like a “normal” kid. All of this is covered.

Buy this book now so you can begin making the best decisions regarding homeschooling your child. You’ll be glad you did.

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