Traci Bunkers

Print & Stamp Lab

«Tells readers how to turn everyday materials and objects into custom stamps and printmaking tools . . . The graphics are colorful and inspiring.» —Barbara Delaney, Cloth Paper Scissors
Artist and popular workshop instructor Traci Bunkers can turn just about anything into an interesting stamp, printing block, or tool. In this book, she shows readers how to see overlooked, everyday objects in a new way, and how to “MacGyver” them like she does.
You'll learn to create fifty-two easy-to-use print blocks and stamp tools, all from inexpensive, ordinary, and unexpected materials—string, spools, bandages, flip flops, ear plugs, rubber bands, school erasers, and a slew of other repurposed and upcycled items. The book also shows how to use those simple tools to make gorgeous multi-layered prints and patterns that can be used to enhance journal covers, stationery, fabrics, accessories, and more.
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