Hsien Seow,Sue Tan Toyofuku,Teng-Kee Tan

The Tao of Innovation

The Tao of Innovation is the first book to blend Eastern philosophy with tried-and-true innovation strategies. It presents a holistic, intuitive and practical approach to developing game-changing innovation.
Having over 30 years of real-world global corporate, entrepreneurial, and consulting experience, and more than 10 years of teaching innovation and entrepreneurship to thousands of students in the East and West, the authors have distilled the most influential thinking on innovation into a holistic set of nine key innovation questions that every innovator must answer throughout the innovation cycle. These provocations apply to any business or organization and illuminate fundamental principles and practices of successful innovation. The Tao of Innovation's use of nature's fundamental elements and the yin-yang's balance of opposing forces as metaphors, provide simple ways to navigate the complexities of business and innovation. They blend art, science, and Eastern and Western philosophies of what it takes to be an innovator.
This book is written for individuals who have a passion for initiating change but struggle to find a process or methodology that helps them translate their dream into practical action steps that will get them through implementation. It aims to help organizations of all types proactively stay ahead in a rapidly changing world and change the world for the better.
In short, this book is a fresh East-meets-West approach to innovation, helping readers develop a strategy to implement real change and ultimately achieve their innovation dream.Contents:

How is the Nature of Your Business Going to Change?
How Do You Know When There is an Opportunity for Innovation?
How Do You Compete to Outsmart Established Players?
How Do You Move Beyond the Status Quo?
How Do You Put Yourself in the Right Place at the Right Time?
How Do You Craft a Strong and Lasting Go-to-Market Strategy?
How Do You Know Whether Your Idea Can Survive in the Real World?
How Do You Scale Successfully?
What is the Deeper Purpose that Drives You to Innovate?

Readership: General readers interested in innovation strategy, business and management.
Key Features:

Synthesizes multiple theories into a practical framework to serve as a roadmap for innovation
Addresses the complexities of real-world implementation and how to overcome organizational resistance to change
The full-color layout and graphics will help readers grasp complex concepts quickly, perform educational exercises, and thus, learn by doing
225 паперових сторінок
Дата публікації оригіналу
Imperial College Press, ICP


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