Teddy Wayne

A Piece of the Sun

How physicists are trying to solve our energy problems—by unlocking the secrets of the sun: “Explain[s] cutting-edge science with remarkable lucidity.” —Booklist
This revelatory book tells the story of the scientists who believe the solution to the planet’s ills can be found in the original energy source: the Sun itself. There, at its center, the fusion of 620 million tons of hydrogen every second generates an unfathomable amount of energy. By replicating even a tiny piece of the Sun’s power on Earth, we can secure all the heat and energy we would ever need. The simple yet extraordinary ambition of nuclear-fusion scientists has garnered many skeptics, but, as A Piece of the Sun makes clear, large-scale nuclear fusion is scientifically possible—and perhaps even preferable to other options. Clery argues passionately and eloquently that the only thing keeping us from harnessing this cheap, clean and renewable energy is our own shortsightedness.
“Surprisingly sprightly…Clery walks readers through the history of fusion study, from Lord Kelvin, Albert Einstein and a large cast of peculiar physicists, to all manner of international politics—e.g., the darts and feints of the Cold War, the braces applied by OPEC in the wake of the 1973 war among Israel, Egypt and Syria. Clery negotiates the hard science with aplomb.” —Kirkus Reviews
“A timely perspective on truly urgent science.” —Booklist
“Ultimately, Clery argues that developing a source of energy that won’t damage the climate—or ever run out—is worth striving for.” —Publishers Weekly
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