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Linda Jones

How to Make Hammered Wire Jewellery

Learn how to make gorgeous jewellery using only basic techniques, including rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings and more in a dazzling array of styles.
High-profile author, Linda Jones shows how to make gorgeous jewellery using only basic techniques and very few specialist materials. Hammering wire is easy and creates texture, form and toughness. Linda has launched her own brand of hammer for this technique, the Whammer, with Beadsmith in the US. It has three functions in one hammer, but everything in the book can easily be made with other jewellery hammers. The jewellery making techniques required are very basic, such as making jump rings, bead links, headpins and fish-hook clasps, so beginners can launch straight in. Twenty-five gorgeous projects are grouped under Feathers, Shapes and Scrunched Wire, with the Get Creative chapter combining all the techniques learned. Easy, accessible jewellery making for beginners or more advanced crafters.
“Whether you are an experienced wireworker or just starting out in this addictive medium, you will be certain to find some new techniques and ideas amongst the stunning pieces of jewellery in this book.” —The Beading Library
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