Rod Pyle

Blueprint for a Battlestar

“An enjoyable source of information on a wide variety of real or imagined technological marvels of the space age.” —National Space Society
This beautifully illustrated pop science book answers the enduring questions raised by science fiction, such as: Do hoverboards really exist, how can you bring a dinosaur back to life and can we really travel in time and space.
Packed with stunning images, including seventy-five illustrations created exclusively for this book, Blueprint for a Battlestar takes twenty-five remarkable and memorable technologies from the world of sci-fi, from Star Wars and The Matrix to Ironman and The Terminator. Each concept will be explained and dissected to reveal the real science behind it. Some are boldly obvious—such as the Death Star and exoskeletons—and some less so (think bio-ports or cloaking devices). All are fascinating and will make wonderful explorations into the science of the future as we understand it today.
“This is dream fuel for aspiring STEM students of all sorts. Blueprint for a Battlestar is a gateway drug for brainstorming that could change the world.” —Seattle Book Review
“Will take readers on a fact-finding mission where the science is explained and the fiction just may become reality. Can it really work? For the sake of all those young engineers out there dreaming of a future filled with massive battlestars stretching far across the galaxy, we can only hope.” —Amazing Stories Magazine
“A fun book that offers serious exploration of some of the technology that could be common place in the not too distant future.” —The Review Graveyard
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Дата публікації оригіналу
Рік виходу видання
Aurum, Quarto Publishing Group USA
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