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Berlin: Interest in Berlin remains extremely high as one of the great cutting-edge cultural centers of the world.
First of its kind: There is no English-language book on Berlin that tells the city’s story through the subcultures of the 1980s and 1990s.
Veteran reporter: Hockenos writes regularly for the New York Times, the Chronicle of Higher Education, Foreign Policy and other high-profile media outlets. His byline is familiar to a wide-range of academics, leftist intellectuals, and other progressives. He speaks German.
Early media feature: The Boston Review ran Hockenos’s long essay “Zero Hour: The First Days of New Berlin,” which forms the basis for the book, as a front-page story in its November-December 2014 issue.
Photos: The book will include around 20 black-and-white photographs from the early 1990s Berlin underground.
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    Dutschke saw the world’s urban centers in revolt, West Berlin one of the fronts. His vision was to transform all of Berlin into an open metropolis, independent of both East and West Germany. All of the city’s walls would come down, not just the concrete monstrosity cutting across the city. The Free and the Technical Universities (in the west), the Humboldt (in the east), and all of the city’s other academies would be dissolved in favor of a sprawling, unstructured “learning city.” Berlin would be governed by local councils and communes; workers would take over the factories while police and bureaucracy would be abolished. Self-organization would prevail from schools to hospitals. If it worked, it could be a model for a unified Germany, argued Dutschke, who, as a former GDR citizen, was one of the few student rebels who cared a fig about uniting Germany.
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    Like most of the Wahlberliner, or Berliners-by-choice
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    the nighttime demimonde

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