Edgar Rice Burroughs

The Gods of Mars

After the long exile on Earth, John Carter finally returned to his beloved Mars. But beautiful Dejah Thoris, the woman he loved, had vanished. Now he was trapped in the legendary Eden of Mars — an Eden from which none ever escaped alive.
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    Weakly I rose for the last time—my tortured lungs gasped for the breath that would fill them with a strange and numbing element, but instead I felt the revivifying breath of life-giving air surge through my starving nostrils into my dying lungs. I was saved
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    In that little party there was not one who would desert another; yet we were of different countries, different colours, different races, different religions—and one of us was of a different world
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    A long life has taught me that a man may seem weak where women and children are concerned and yet be anything but a weakling in the sterner avenues of life

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