Stephen Fleming

Cabinet Making for Beginners Handbook

“A kitchen without a cabinet is like a body without a soul.”

This is what a wise cabinetmaker uttered when I asked what cabinet making meant to him.

I have been practicing all the aspects of woodworking like Joinery, Woodturning, and Furniture making along with Cabinet Making, and I must say this art provides the maximum chance of impacting the overall look of your kitchen or bathroom and eventually, your home.

Cabinets, for me, are an extension of your personality and a great way to express yourself.

When I first started woodcraft, I looked desperately for a go-to guide about the specific processes and exact tools required.

The content I found online was total information overload and wasn't presented sequentially. The books were either focused on just a few processes or assumed that I already had the necessary information. Many of the books were also very dated.

There are two ways of learning: learning from SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) with years of experience, and the other is to acquire from people who are just a few steps ahead of you in their journey.

I fall into the latter group. I've spent five years on this hobby and am still learning from the experts.

I still remember my initial doubts and the first tips that helped me.

This book is for those who are still running their first lap (0–3 years) in wood-crafting and want to gain a holistic idea of the necessary processes and tools.

I've included photographs of realistic beginner projects, and I'll explain the processes and standard operating procedures associated with them.

Below are the topics you would find inside:

Introduction to Cabinet Making

Cabinet Types, Doors, and Drawers

Tools used and best practices

Process and Techniques

10 Beginner Projects

Recap and Safety Tips

Conclusion and Free Online Resources

In the last chapter, I've provided a link to free online resources for planning your next projects.

Cheers, and let's start the exciting journey!
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Stephen Fleming
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