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Cheryl Fall

Embroidery Basics

This illustrated embroidery guide takes you step-by-step through seventeen projects using a variety of techniques, including forty-two stitches.
Needlecraft designer Cheryl Fall offers the ideal guide for beginner and intermediate crafters who want to master embroidery stitches. A comprehensive and fully illustrated skill-building section is followed by fun and creative projects using both surface embroidery and counted-thread embroidery techniques. 
Embroidery Basics covers:
·       How to use a variety of embroidery threads and simple stitches to create beautiful embroidered projects
·       Seventeen projects in a wide variety of easy-to-learn techniques, with color patterns, including designs for towels, napkins, pillowcases, purses, cushions, tablet covers, ornaments, and samplers
Guidelines and color illustrations for mastering forty-two stitches
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