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Patrick McGinley


A truly funny and stunningly well-told tale of murder in a small Irish village near Donegal, Bogmail is a classic of modern Irish literature.
Set in a remote village in the west of Ireland, the action begins with a murder when Roarty, a publican and former priest, kills his bartender then buries his body in a bog. It's not long before Roarty starts getting blackmail letters, and matters quickly spiral out of his control. Twisty, turny and enlivened with colour that echoes the landscape and surroundings, Bogmail was Patrick McGinley's first novel, yet it remains just as fresh today as the day it first appeared.
Bogmail got the five-star treatment from Time magazine and The New York Times, and it was nominated for Best Novel in the 1981 Edgars. Reissued now in this completely revised edition by New Island Books, Bogmail is part of the prestigious Modern Irish Classics series.
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APOLLO, Head of Zeus
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    In the warmth of her whisperings he found poetry, even a sense of afflatus.
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    The rule we follow in London is no fewer than the Graces and no more than the Muses.’
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    after all she’s mine in a way she can never be yours.

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