Ross Johnson

Shipping Container Homes

The idea of shipping containers being turned into homes is relatively new, but it is a growing fashion. It offers cheap, flexible, environmentally sound but stable and practical solutions to the housing challenges faced by many. 
This book will give you a clear and detailed insight into this trend. It will help you understand the process of creating your own shipping container home, or for those with a more abstract interest in the topic, it will offer handy information for your consideration. 
Inside, this book details the legislative requirements that exist around shipping container homes and informs you where ready-made floors and walls can be sourced. It will consider the myriad of benefits living in a shipping container home offers, but will also present some of the associated difficulties and challenges. 
This book will take you through the steps of creating your own home by adapting these readily available resources, and it will give guidance on designing your own internal living spaces in these flexible shells. It will look at matters such as heating, plumbing, air conditioning, insulation, and decoration, plus much more! 
By following the guidance in this book, those looking to enter the market for their own shipping container home will have an advantage over others who are scrolling through the internet trying to find relevant information. It will provide a sure and certain account of the processes to follow, which are reliable and simple to use. 
At the completion of this book, you'll be more than ready to begin planning and working on your very own shipping container home!

Here Is What You'll Learn About…

What Are Shipping Container Homes

Permits Required

Where To Source Containers & Materials

The Building Process

Pros & Cons Of Container Homes

How Affordable Are Container Homes?

Cool & Unique Design Ideas

Much, Much More!
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