A Joosr Guide to Grain Brain by David Perlmutter

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Do you feel constantly tired, get killer headaches or have ADHD? Do you worry about the onset of dementia or Alzheimer's in later life? Kick your sugar habit; ditch the carbs; and say goodbye to these, and many other health problems.

Grain Brain is a detailed examination of the many negative effects gluten, sugar, and grains can have on the body, and more specifically on the human brain. Internationally renowned neurologist, Dr David Perlmutter guides us through the medical research to demonstrate the undeniable link between poor diet and brain dysfunction; and offers us a surprising and pleasing alternative: fat!

You will learn:

· How our society's addiction to carbohydrates and sugar is contributing to the staggering rise in illnesses, such as obesity, diabetes, and Alzheimer's

· Why fat is your friend, not the enemy

· What dietary choices you should make to take control of your health and avoid a staggering range of complaints.
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    If you consume bread, fruit or fruit juice, agave, rice, pasta, milk, soda, beer, all low-fat food, statin, or cereal, then you are at risk. If you avoid wine, high-cholesterol food, vitamin D, and exercise, then you are also at risk. And, unfortunately, these are not the only risk factors, although they are the most common. Not all of the risks are specifically dietary: some may be biological and more difficult to control.
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    Because the problem is that most neurological disorders caused by dietary issues don’t have cures. There might be methods to lessen discomfort, but in reality they can generally only slow the inevitable. Occasional fasting to boost fat burning and brain health is well worth the results it can provide.
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    Rather than reducing our daily calories to a point of discomfort to achieve this, we can use short fasting periods to arrive at a similar result. When carried out in a healthy fashion, fasting can streamline your body’s production of en

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