Deborah Sandella

Goodbye, Hurt & Pain

Too often our lives are governed by the ebb and flow of feelings and emotions over which we seem to have no control. Often, it appears that those ineffable forces thwart our relationships and professional success. This is a book that introduces readers to seven steps to mastering feelings and coming to terms with painful memories so that they can live a dynamic life of ever-expanding success and happiness. The seven steps are: Flow and Go: Your Feelings have a Natural Shelf Life Unstick & Upwick: Intense Emotion + Intense Event= Stuck Memories See and Free: Your Feelings have Form Me & Thee: Your Wholeness is Greater than the Sum of your Physical Parts Repel & Attract: Your Feelings are Magnetic Squeeze & Breeze: Your Feelings Increase with Resistance and Decrease with Embrace Redo & Review: What is Real and What is Imagined Reconsolidate as Your Memory Letting go of old feelings and traumatic memory at this deep, cellular level makes people feel and look younger, lighter, more energised, less burdened. And they can begin to experience results after just one or two self-directed sessions. Filled with anecdotes, case studies, information on the latest neuroscientific research and practical exercises for the reader, this is a book that is both helpful and informative. &quote;Wonderful and profound. This book will touch you intimately and probably change your life.&quote; -Jack Canfield, from the foreword
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Conari Press, Mango Media



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    Thus, less and less stimulation is needed to prompt the same behavior that elicits the same feeling. In other words, the more you respond to your environment in the same emotional way, the more neurologically primed your body is to repeat this behavior automatically without your conscious agreement.
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    We're more likely to want someone with us when we're feeling afraid and insecure.
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    loneliness implies wanting someone to be with us who is not.
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