Arthur Lennig

The Immortal Count

This definitive biography of the silver screen legend is “a moving, lively, witty, sad book that revives once more the long dead Count Dracula” (Kirkus Reviews).
Bela Lugosi won immediate fame for his starring role in the 1931 film Dracula—the role that would forever define his persona. After a decade of trying to broaden his range, Lugosi resigned himself to a career as the world's most recognizable vampire, often playing opposite his horror film rival Boris Karloff. When he died in 1956, Lugosi could not have known that vindication of his talent would come—his face would adorn theaters and his Hungarian accent would be instantly recognized across the globe.
In 1974, silent film expert Arthur Lennig published The Count, a highly regarded biography of the unsung actor. Now Lennig returns to his subject with a completely revised volume more than twice the length of the original.
The Immortal Count provides deeper insights into Lugosi's films and personality. Drawing upon personal interviews, studio memos, shooting scripts, research in Romania and Hungary, and his own recollections, Lennig has written the definitive account of Lugosi's tragic life.
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The University Press of Kentucky
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