Kim Gordon

A Modern Christmas Romance

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What would the first Christmas be like if it happened in the 21st century? Mary and Joseph are a nice couple from Buffalo. They truly love each other, but when he finds out she's expecting and the baby isn't his, he breaks their engagement. School board member Hera King finds out Mary is pregnant and plots to have her fired from her job as a school teacher even though a healing miracle for autistic children takes place in Mary's classroom. After much thought, prayer and divine intervention Joseph realizes he wants to win Mary back, but she has received a very tempting job offer from another state. Will Mary and Joseph be together or will she leave and start a whole new life for herself and her baby? Meanwhile, Mary's cousin Elisabeth and her husband Zacharias have been trying to have a baby for ten years. Now they have God's promise of a baby, but when Elisabeth's pregnancy test is negative, she doesn't know what to do next. Will she trust God to keep His promise?
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