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Flirting For Dummies

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Many people are mortified by their flirting skills and get flustered when dealing with people they're attracted to. This easy-to-follow manual to mastering the art of flirting offers indispensable advice on working the dating scene and reinvigorating your love life. Exploring key areas including listening and communication skills, body language and self-image, Flirting For Dummies provides readers with all the tools they need to boost their self-confidence and engage with people in a natural and charming way. Flirting For Dummies:
Features black and white photographs to provide examples of flirting in action Gives advice on getting to grips with flirting basics and how to get noticed Covers how to develop a killer rapport with body language Provides advice on taking the next step Gives ‘Top Ten’ tips such as opening lines and flirting faux pas About the author
Elizabeth Clark is a renowned flirting and charisma expert. She has featured on ITV's Des & Mel, BBC Breakfast, and in a host of radio shows and press articles. Elizabeth is the founder of Rapport Unlimited— a company specialising in presentation skills training and keynote speaking.
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    When you flirt with someone they feel good about themselves, and in return you feel good too. Being flirted with is the ultimate confidence booster and it’s free.
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    The farther away things are from the brain, the harder they are to control

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