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Smart Owners Guide German Shepherd Dog is the first interactive breed book of it kind to offer new and novice owners a fun new way to learn about caring for their loyal companions. German Shepherd Dog offers the most up-to-date online support with instant access to Club GSD™ where owners can meet and interact with other dedicated German Shepherd owners, download charts and checklists, play breed-specific games, take quizzes, and send German Shepherd themed e-cards. The book contains easy-to-read, informative content, with addition smart tips, notable quotations, fun facts, and more than 100 adorable breed photos that keep you flipping through the pages.
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    To see how a pup handles restraint, kneel down and roll the pup gently on his back.
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    Using a light but firm touch, hold him in this position with one hand for 30 seconds. The German Shepherd pup should settle down after some initial struggle at first and offer some or steady eye contact.
    Step 4. To evaluate a puppy’s level of social dominance, stand up, then crouch down beside the pup and stroke him from head to back. A GSD puppy with a medium temperament — neither too dominant nor too submissive — should cuddle up to you and lick your face, or squirm and lick your hands. Step 5. An additional test of a pup’s dominance level is to bend over, cradle the pup under his belly with your fingers interlaced and palms up, and elevate him just off the ground. Hold him there for 30 seconds. The pup should not struggle and should be relaxed, or he should struggle and then settle down and lick you.
    b3292717590цитує3 роки тому
    Step 2. To test a pup’s eagerness to follow, walk away from him while he is watching you. He should follow you readily, tail up.
    Step 3. To see how a pup handles restraint, kneel down and roll the pup

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