Martha M Libster

The Nurse-Herbalist

Herbalism, the study and application of medicinal plants, is nursing practice. Herbal remedies are essential elements of nursing and midwifery care. Nurse-herbalists partner with plants to provide human comfort with plants as a catalyst for change. Step by step, element by element-fire, air, water, earth, and ether- this comprehensive textbook guides you in the creation and implementation of your own holistic nurse-herbalist practice plan.
Excellent resource for non-nurses too! This book has been adopted by caregivers worldwide.
Topics include:
*A Nurse's Herbal of more than 150 simple remedies organized by health pattern for easy reference.
*Practice guidelines rooted in scholarship, policy, and science.
*The five rights of best practice.
*Integrative insights from the author's 25 years of experience translating botanical science and tradition into practice.
*Models for designing evidence-based practice for hospital, community, or office-based care.
*Herbal experiments and decoding herbal scientific data.
*Solution-focused techniques for solving tough health problems with herbs.
*Roots of nurse-herbalism: History of a healing tradition.
*New dimensions of nurse-herbalism: Alchemy, agni, and spagyrics.
*Case studies that dispel myths and misconceptions about herbs.
*Techniques in herbal diplomacy to cultivate global health care reform.
*Self-care suggestions for enjoying the beauty of the plant world.
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