Tella Olayeri

Prayer When All Seems Lost

To know and call God’s emergency telephone number is crucial to sail through in the battle of life.

It is good to know how to solve problems or challenges that befall us. There is no situation that doesn’t need attention. No situation is perfect, you improve on it. At the same time, there are situations that are critical, begging for instant solution. It is what we often refer to as emergency situation. It calls for action and prayer.

Emergency prayer is a serious battle prayer for serious minded people. You must understand weapons and armoury to use in the battle field. You must know phone number to apply via the Holy Book, the Holy Bible. Your weapons and armoury are found there. You can’t be caught unaware as a child of God if you have the book in your hand.

Emergency time awakens the mind for action. It tells you to take action and call the Lord in prayer and with Holy Spirit as your guide. Surprisingly, miracles, signs and wonders will appear as God is willing to answer according to his wish.

There is no situation too tough for God to handle. He is there for you every second and minute of the day; only waiting to hear from you and give right answer.

This book will address the situation. Pick it.
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Tella Olayeri
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