Seth Denson

The Cure

Focusing on the entire healthcare system and all of its various stakeholders, The Cure aims to provide a roadmap inclusive of both legislative and societal changes needed to improve the method by which healthcare is accessed, delivered and financed within the United States. With detailed analysis investigating both the cause and current status of major problems within the healthcare space, The Cure is able to provide insight and guidance to begin solving those issues. This book is written in a non-partisan manner and wastes no time with finger pointing, instead focusing on realistic goals and practical solutions to elevate and enhance the healthcare system. Outlining the need for transparency, reasonable regulation, and consumer engagement, along with other key drivers of cost and inefficiencies in healthcare, Seth Denson uses his vast industry experience to shine a spotlight on what is keeping America’s healthcare system sick, but more importantly, outline what is needed to cure it.
143 паперові сторінки
Дата публікації оригіналу
Clovercroft Publishing



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