Edna Buchanan

Nobody Lives Forever

A Miami homicide detective closes in on a shattering secret in this police procedural from the Pulitzer Prize–winning “queen of crime” (USA Today).
Nominated for the Edgar Award for Best First Novel
What do a menacing housewife, a kinky bad girl, a shy child, and a cold-blooded killer have in common? Veteran Miami homicide detective Rick Barrish sets out for the answer as he investigates a series of seemingly unrelated murders in his own neighborhood and hunts down an elusive killer in a case that will hit closer to home than he ever expected.
From the national bestselling author of The Corpse Had a Familiar Face and the Britt Montero series, Nobody Lives Forever is “[a] hard-hitting police procedural . . . Murders calculated and unprovoked; drug busts; robberies; the tensions between cops and criminals, rich and poor; and matters of love and hate all play out in Miami’s mean, middle-class or manicured neighborhoods . . . Buchanan conjures up a city both ordinary and exotic, and as vivid and colorful as her characters” (Publishers Weekly).
“A stunning tour de force . . . Gripping drama.” —Library Journal
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