Marcus Darkley

BDSM Collection 11

A collection of red-hot erotica and BDSM erotica.
Six (6) complete short stories in one collection.
SWEETENING THE DEAL — The billionaire businessman liked variety in his women. Having no time or patience for a proper relationship, he thrived on sugar daddy agencies and had a network of sexy younger women to call on. This one was different. Jessica was a bit older than his usual sugar babies.
OWNING MY SECRETARY — Gorgeous, naive, married Sandra gave me a thrill  every day of the week. Now she had a serious problem and the solution was something I had in abundance — money!
A BLAST FROM THE PAST — Abigail had it all. The slim, attractive thirty-year-old teacher had a career on the up and a well-heeled husband who adored her. But she also had a past! That past was personified in Richard who, after ten years had found her again.
BODYGUARDING MRS BAUMHEISSER — Mrs Tiana Baumheisser: ex ballerina, gorgeous, horny and gagging for it! She was the original trophy wife with nothing in common with her humourless husband. He resisted as long as he could. But then, Tiana took him to meet Lady Fiona…
IN HOCK TO THE MAFIA — Abigail had exchanged one man who wanted her for sex for a whole family of equally depraved, but far more powerful people. She owed the Mafia, and they were going to make her pay for every penny… with her nubile body!
TRAINING THE DAUGHTER — 19 YO Indian beauty Samira, was the daughter of one of my billionaire clients, and along with her siblings was a spoilt brat. I had endured her behaviour on day one but now, several weeks in and immeasurably wiser, I was ready for her. I had already decided that she was getting three strikes… and then a spanking!
Adult reading material.
All content by Marcus Darkley and also available as single stories. Please check titles before purchase.
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Erotic Dreams
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