Elena Ferrante

My Brilliant Friend

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Now an HBO series: the first volume in the New York Times–bestselling “enduring masterpiece” about a lifelong friendship between two women from Naples (The Atlantic).
Beginning in the 1950s in a poor but vibrant neighborhood on the outskirts of Naples, Elena Ferrante’s four-volume story spans almost sixty years, as its main characters, the fiery and unforgettable Lila and the bookish narrator, Elena, become women, wives, mothers, and leaders, all the while maintaining a complex and at times conflicted friendship. This first novel in the series follows Lila and Elena from their fateful meeting as ten-year-olds through their school years and adolescence.
Through the lives of these two women, Ferrante tells the story of a neighborhood, a city, and a country as it is transformed in ways that, in turn, also transform the relationship between two women.
“An intoxicatingly furious portrait of enmeshed friends.” —Entertainment Weekly
“Spectacular.” —Maureen Corrigan, NPR’s Fresh Air
“Captivating.” —The New Yorker
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    This is a very good book about a special friendship between two very intelligent girls.

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    Once we hit him in the right calf, and I say we because I had handed Lila a flat stone with jagged edges. The stone slid over Enzo’s skin like a razor, leaving a red stain that immediately gushed blood
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    I did many things in my life without conviction; I always felt slightly detached from my own actions
    Ezzatollah Ayoubiцитує2 роки тому
    We lived in a world in which children and adults were often wounded, blood flowed from the wounds, they festered, and sometimes people died

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