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Spice Mixes Recipes

I dare to say that seasonings are the life of any dish you are cooking. Spices also known as seasonings, canmake a naturally bland dish into an extremely sumptuous meal.This spices have made our dishes extraordinary fromtime immemorial;men have fought over spices when their worth was measured in gold. Needless to say, the importanceof Spices to our daily cooking can not be overestimated.Being able to mix your own spice from the convenience of your home is far cheaper compared to buying prepackagedspices from the grocery shop.They can be stored for a long time in Jars;it also affords you the opportunity to experiment with new spices and new dishes from around the world.In this book you will not only discover new spices from different cultures, civilizations and countries,you will learn the health benefits of some of this spices; some are natural painkillers, others possessimmune-boosting, anti-cancer, and anti-inflammatory propertiesEvery spice recipe in this book has been categorized by their area of origin. This book contains exotic spice blends and regular spice mixes. Your family would not be able to keep off your dinning table.
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