Jennifer Wilde

Nine Buck's Row

New York Times­–bestselling author Jennifer Wilde’s spine-tingling classic Gothic romance based on the facts and legends of Jack the Ripper
Panic has Victorian-era London in a death grip. Young women are being murdered in the East End, and Scotland Yard isn’t getting any closer to finding the serial killer. Now eighteen-year-old Susannah Hunt’s aunt has been found savagely slain, leaving her all alone in the world—until Nicholas Craig becomes her legal guardian.
But even under the protection of the handsome, unusually secretive Craig, Susannah may not be safe. Her new home at Nine Buck’s Row harbors mysteries of its own. What is she to make of the upstairs boarder, itinerant painter Daniel Lord, who professes desire for her yet conceals himself in the shadows?
As Susannah’s attraction to the enigmatic Nicholas increases, she is thrust deeper into danger. Grisly murders continue to terrorize the city, and as the list of suspects grows, Susannah finds she can trust no one, not even the man she loves—for the monster they call the Ripper is still out there.
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