Damon Lundqvist

The Art of Risk Management

You may read/download this on your Mobile devices and PC/Mac Computers.Risk management is the identification, assessment, and prioritization of Risks of uncertainty on goals/objectives followed by coordinated and cost-effective application of resources to lessen, and manage the risks, and likelihood and/or impact of failures (just in case) or to optimize the percentages for success.In other words, in this book you will learn to Completely Eradicate, Avert, Defer Risks so that we can minimize the downside effects and maximize our percentages for success. Risk Management principles apply anywhere in life, not just business and related applications. This is all about playing the stats! =================TABLE OF CONTENTS=================Definition Of Risk ManagementDo Not Be Afraid Of Risks, Manage Them!What Is FearHandling FearRecognizing The ThreatsRisk AvoidanceThreat PreventionRisk MaintenanceRisk TransferWork Environment SafetyManagement CommitmentAccountabilitySafety TrainingHazard ControlInvestigation Of Accidents And IncidentsParticipationThe Decision Makers Must:Basic Steps Involved In Risk Management PracticesNatural DisastersJoint VenturesHaving Contingency PlansMaking A Risk Management PlanCrisis Management Plans In PlaceVulnerability Risk ManagementEnterprise Risk ManagementBusiness Outcome Risk ManagementProject Risk ManagementIs Your Money Safe With The Banks?Insurance Tools To Mitigate RisksSignificance Of Insurance
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