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Heidi (pronounced ˈhaɪdi) is a Swiss work of fiction, originally published in two parts as Heidi's years of learning and travel (German: Heidis Lehr- und Wanderjahre) and Heidi makes use of what she has learned. (German: Heidi kann brauchen, was sie gelernt hat) It is a novel about the events in the life of a young girl in her grandfather's care, in the Swiss Alps. It was written as a book “for children and those who love children” (as quoted from its subtitle) in 1880 by Swiss author Johanna Spyri.
Heidi is one of the best-selling books ever written and is among the best-known works of Swiss literature.
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    their stern and lofty heights upon the valley below. The land grows gradually wilder as the path ascen
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    putting his thoughts into words
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    She drank in the golden sunlight, the fresh air, the sweet smell of the flowers, and wished for nothing better than to remain there forever.

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