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Understanding Relations--The Vedic Astrology Way

This book is about understanding equations of relationships with the help of Vedic Astrology. One cannot ignore the importance of relationships in life and always desires to be loved and respected by others. The book gives an approach for making relationships better if one understands the potential of planets in the birth chart. By understanding the weak and strong points in the chart one can mould himself accordingly and move in the right direction to get the desired result and improve his relationships and living.. In each chapter — the converse charts are taken to describe the events however it advisable that no prediction should be made by studying the charts on the surface only. All factors should be taken into consideration while predicting an event and the reading should be done by scientific approach only. A special chapter in the beginning is given for the reader to make him understand the terminology and its role in understanding the chart which will then enable him to understand and improve his relations via Vedic Astrology easily. Though the calculative part has been explicitly ignored to make reading easy, the combinations, the in depth analysis and use of simple tools, the use of converse charts and their analysis will stimulate the mind for deep study and make it interesting for all. Each chapter is supported with suitable examples. All cases taken are genuine and supported by real incidents. The book is a result of some authentic research done by the author over the years. #v&spublishers
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    Example XXXVII
    This is a person who has been always benefitted by his friends. He opened his business in partnership with his friends and benefitted from it. His relations with his friends are always cordial.
    The ascendant is Aries and its lord is in the 2nd house with Saturn, the lord of the 11th house. The 2nd house is the house of accumulated money or assets of the person. He was thus benefitted by doing business with his friends. The 11th house is aspected by Jupiter from the 5th house as well
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    The 11th house also receives the Jupiter aspect as well as the aspect of Saturn. Jupiter is debilitated and is placed with Saturn. Saturn is in its own house. A well placed Saturn also gives him fame and honour in the society. So the fellow does well amongst his group of friends.
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    Moon joins with Venus.

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