Bridget Pennington

Happy Gluten-Free Kids

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Has your child been diagnosed with gluten intolerance? Are they a coeliac? Do you spend hours reading labels and madly trying to work out what does or doesn’t contain gluten? Are you struggling to understand ‘doctor speak’?
And importantly, do you know how to protect your child’s health and make your life easy at the same time?

Happy Gluten Free Kids is the definitive book on how to make living gluten-free simple, easy and happy!

In Happy Gluten Free Kids you will learn how to safely prepare meals gluten-free (even alongside gluten-meals), how to understand labels, how to make play dates and parties safe and yummy and fun, and how to plan ahead so that your child is safe even when they are not with you.

About the Author:
Bridget ‘Bee’ Pennington is a diagnosed Coeliac. Qualified in Clinical Nutrition and Holistic Lifestyle Coaching, and passionate about health and wellbeing, Bee is founder of The Wellness Mentor. She coaches adults with chronic illness or autoimmune conditions to achieve better health and create healthier lifelong habits.
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