Mel Tari

The Gentle Breeze of Jesus

In this book, Mel Tari adds to the documentation he began in Like a Mighty Wind . On his native island in Indonesia, he says Moslems and animists are still coming to accept Jesus Christ and many other miracles and spiritual awakenings are continuing to happen.
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    Amazing book!!! A must to read!!!

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    You and I were created for the supreme purpose of having an intimate and satisfying love relationship with our Creator,
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    In Timor, our churches look exactly like all the other houses, except they’re a little bigger. But you don’t even know what the houses look like yet, so I guess I’d better tell you. I think they’re real cute. They always look so sleepy to me. The walls are made of gray palm braches. They lean and sag as if they just can’t manage to stand up straight. The gray shutters on the little windows swing open and shut in the wind — it seems like the little house is blinking at you. The door is often left wide open in a big yawn. And then finally there’s a big huge grass roof that’s trying hard to balance on top of everything else. Actually it’s way too top-heavy. You get the feeling that any minute the whole house might crumple to the ground, where it can sleep in peace forever. But, thank the Lord, it never quite does.
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    God made us in His own image; now that’s a powerful statement. We were made to reflect His personality in all its glory and beauty. We were made in such a way that we could satisfy God’s longing for human friendship and companionship. Believe me, that’s a big honor!

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