John Van Auken

Edgar Cayce on the Spiritual Forces Within You

Your true purpose in life is revealed by accessing your essence or spiritual nature—the “spiritual forces within you.” Using the wisdom and vision of the world-famous seer Edgar Cayce, Van Auken helps us reach our spiritual life force that is intimately and ultimately connected to all of life, all of time, and all of space—a part of ourselves that is our true self and is naturally in touch with the infinite and the eternal. What power over our lives can we wield when in touch with the infinite? A broader awareness, a healthier vitality, a purpose, and a meaningfulness. The life force is within us, within our spirit and mind, and this book gives us the tools to fully awaken and activate it. Includes ancient and modern illustrations of the life forces within the human body and mind, maps of consciousness, and diagrams of the body-mind connections.
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A.R.E. Press



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    University of Michigan researchers, led by chemistry professor Raoul Kopelman, found electric fields inside cells as strong as 15 million volts per meter, roughly five times stronger than a lightning bolt.

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