Abhishek Kumar,Mahama Nyankmawu

Career 3.0

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This book is a comprehensive collection of the latest strategies in career planning to reach and impress hiring managers at your desired employment destination.
Highlights of this amazing book:

Map out your job search using our career roadmap

Get a leg up on your competition by using the hidden network

Build a resume and cover letter combination that is customized to your dream job, and gets noticed by company HR personnel and hiring managers

Master negotiation tactics to get you the highest possible offer

Make sure the first steps you take in your new job take you on the right path to career success.

One of the chapters we think most job seekers would find most beneficial is on the invisible (or hidden) job market. I always knew that some jobs got filled before being publicly advertised but I was shocked to learn that 80% jobs are not publicly advertised. The jobs that are not made public are what we call the invisible or hidden job market.  Unfair, I hear you say. We agree. And it is even worse than that – of the remaining 20%, hiring managers may already have someone in mind before they are advertised.
At this stage you are probably wondering when we would talk about resumes and cover letters. After all, this is supposed to be a career book. The chapter on resumes and cover letters gets to the point and shows you how to customize your resumes and cover letters to achieve maximum impact.
In the 'ace the interview' chapter we show you a powerful technique to prepare and answer interview questions. The recommended STAR approach provides a framework that is both logical and easy to follow.
Now that you have aced multiple interviews and received multiple job offers, how do you choose between jobs? How do you negotiate a fair salary? We have you fully covered here as well. You will learn about how to use the ZOPA (zone of possible agreement) and the reservation point to help you obtain the great salary you deserve.
Your family, employer and the world are waiting to see the best of you and we know you aspire to the same as well. Therefore, unlike most career books we want you to reach beyond obtaining a job to mastering your job. We aptly conclude the book with a roadmap on how to master your job.
We believe in you and think you should become a master at your job, no matter what it is. Your chances of fulfilling your dreams will increase and the world would be a much better place.
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Abhishek Kumar
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