Margaret Mitchell,John Fea,Joel Baden,Jennifer Wright Knust,Candida Moss,Cavan Concannon,James R. Linville,Jill Hicks-Keeton,Ludvik A. Kjeldsberg,Marc Zvi Brettler,Mark A. Chancey,Mark Leuchter,Roberta Mazza,Sara,Terrence L. Johnson

The Museum of the Bible

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Bringing together nationally and internationally-known scholars, The Museum of the Bible: A Critical Introduction analyzes the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C., from a variety of perspectives and disciplinary positions, including biblical studies, history, archaeology, Judaic studies, and religion and public life. The Museum of the Bible is poised to wield unparalleled influence on the national popular imagination of the Bible’s contents, history, and uses through time. This volume provides critical tools by which a broad public of scholars and students alike can assess the Museum of the Bible’s presentation of its vast collection and wrestle with the thorny interpretive issues and complex histories that are at risk of being obscured when private funds put a major museum near the National Mall.
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