Andrew Anderson

Pagan Portals – Artio and Artaois

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Andrew Anderson leads us on a pilgrimage into the wild forests of our Ancestors in search of the ancient Bear Gods of the Celts. With some fascinating historical and cultural references, plus useful modern resources and tips for ceremony, this fabulous little book is a wonderful introduction and guide to working with Artio and Artaois. Philip Carr-Gomm, author of Druid MysteriesOut of the Forest of Time come two Gods for the Twenty-First Century. Join Andrew Anderson as he makes a pilgrimage to discover more about the ancient Celtic Bear Gods. Weaving together archaeology, folklore and spiritual practice, this book pieces together the evidence to create a clearer picture of who Artio and Artaois were and how they can be honoured today. The journey will take the reader from the medieval city of Bern to the depths of an English forest, from the Rothar Mountains in Germany to the Highlands of Scotland, from the slopes of Glastonbury Tor to the rocky headland of Tintagel. With voices from an array of practitioners and experts, this is a journey back to the very beginning of human belief.
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