John M. Mulder,F. Morgan Roberts

28 Carols to Sing at Christmas

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It wouldn't be Christmas without Christmas carols.

Virtually every Christian--and many non-Christians--would agree. The songs of Christmas can be heard from all kinds of media and all across the world in many languages. Christmas has become the biggest holiday in the United States and in virtually every land where Christianity has a significant influence.

But what does it all mean? What is the enduring message of these Christmas carols? Why do they awaken the mind, move the heart, and inspire the Christlike behavior proclaimed by Jesus, born in Bethlehem? 28 Carols to Sing at Christmas answers those questions.

Each carol's history is described by John M. Mulder, and F. Morgan Roberts meditates on its contemporary meaning. The result is a devotional resource that will make your Christmas a spiritual discovery. Here is a book to bring meaning to the mystery of Christ's birth and a message for all the world.
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