DNP,APRN-BC,Mitch Earleywine,CEN,Emerson E. Ea

201 Careers in Nursing

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Few professions have evolved as much as nursing has, or offer as much variety, opportunity for growth, and potential for great personal and professional satisfaction. 201 Careers in Nursing, the new edition significantly expanding, updating and revising 101 Careers in Nursing, is your guide to careers in nursing practice, education, research, and so much more.
Comprehensive in scope and for nurses at all levels, each career description includes educational requirements, core competencies, and required skills. Interviews with nurses working in a variety of roles and settings bring to life the breadth of opportunities available to nurses today. Important tips within the book will help when making your career choices, along with compensation range per degree, certification requirements, and earning potential for each career. 201 Careers in Nursing is an essential resource for nurses entering the profession, nurses considering a career change, and counselors facilitating career choices.
Key Features:

Includes 201 careers, each with career description, educational requirements, core competencies, and requisite skillsReformatted for ease of use Provides compensation range per degree, certification requirements, and earning potential for each careerFeatures interviews with nurses in different careers in academia and practice settingsUseful for students and nurses at all levelsSample Careers:

Addictions CounselorMilitary NurseChildbirth EducatorClinical Research NurseFamily Nurse PractitionerMedical-Surgical NurseTelehealth NurseConsultantCruise Ship/Resort NurseDisaster/Bioterrorism NurseFraud and Abuse InvestigatorGenetics CounselorHealth Policy Analyst/LobbyistMedia Consultant
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